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History of the plant

The company was established in 1932 on the basis of Oruzheinik (Rifle-maker) mechanical plant: in early 30's of the XX century small workshops were placed in Iskrinskaya street, where HELZ is located at present. In 1931, its territories and buildings were transferred to the State Political

 Directorate of the Ukrainian SSR. So, this was the way Oruzheinik ordnance-mechanical workshops came into existence – the workshops which manufactured a variety of products – from shotguns to arithmometers.

In 1932, the plant began to have its future shape profile: a new workshop designed to manufacture small electric motors of “I” series was set up.

In 1934 , the enterprise was transformed into the mechanical plant of People's Commissariat of Internal Affairs of the Ukrainian SSR ( NKVD), which mastered the manufacturing of new products: motors of I-10 and I-11 type, arithmometers of Dynamo type and Grower washers.

On December 21, 1937, Kharkov mechanical plant was transferred to People's Commissariat of Engineering of the USSR.

In 1938 , the enterprise was renamed into Kharkov Electrical Engineering Plant (HELZ).

At the beginning of the war the plant was switched to production of defense products - electrical equipment for tanks, artillery shell housings, accessories for mines and other products. In late October 1941, the plant was evacuated to the east of the country. HELZ did not work till the liberation of Kharkov.

In November 1943, according to the order of the People's Commissariat of the electrical industry HELZ received the first postwar task for production of small electric machines. While dismantling the rubbles, the workers found two motors of TNG-41 model. Their production was mastered before the war, but the drawings were lost. It was decided to start the serial production on the basis of the samples found. The country began to receive the first postwar Kharkov motors.

By 1955 , the plant had to master the mass production of electric motors of the first all-union single AL-3 series in silumin housing of different types and the serial production of the first all-union series of A-4 motors in iron housing with a capacity of 1.7-4.5 kW.

In 1950-1960 over 110 units of various equipment and mechanization devices were manufactured and installed at HELZ: drawing machine for drawing of steel wire, aggregate-drilling machines for simultaneous drilling of all the holes in electric motor housings, permanent mold machines for ferrous castings, machines for diamond sharpening of tools, stator insulating machines, semi-automatic machines for processing of terminal boxes for electric motors and others.

In 1963 , the Special Design Bureau of electric motors - SKBED was created. In the same year HELZ was the first among the Ukrainian enterprises which began the serial production of household electric pumps. Today, every third pump, manufactured in Ukraine, is produced ​​by HELZ, and the popularity of BC 1.1 electric pump (Vodograi-Kharkov) is worthy of “Ukrainian Book of Records”: 3.1 million pieces of BC 1.1 pumps rolled off HELZ production line.

In 1975, the plant established its own information-computing centre and automated production control system.

In 1975, Ukrelectromash Industrial Association was established on the basis of HELZ. It contained, except HELZ, Electromotor Poltava Electromechanical Plant, Dnepropetrovsk electromechanical plant and a Special Design Bureau of electric motors.

In 2001 , HELZ joined the Ukrainian Industrial Energy Company (UPEC) – this launched a new stage of the enterprise’s life journey.

In 2002, production of the plant was certified according to ISO 9001: 2000 standard. The quality management system applies to finished goods, intermediate operations on adherence of products’ geometry and electrical parameters, as well as to the input control of all materials.

In 2003, the enterprise registered its own brand - HELZ. And already in 2005, the electrical products of HELZ TM were awarded an All-Ukrainian quality mark - “Vishcha proba” (Purest Tint).

In 2008-2010 – a comprehensive automation system was implemented at HELZ as well as at all companies of the UPEC Industrial Group.

In 2010, the plant mastered the technology of automatic arc welding of line welds of thin-walled tubes made ​​of low alloy and stainless steels with the help of a nonconsumable electrode. The introduction of this technology enabled to refuse from the purchase of imported tubes for blanks and to produce independently housings for well submersible pumps at the enterprise.

In 2011 , the enterprise was transformed into a public joint-stock company. HELZ passed the third recertification audit of the current quality management system for compliance with ISO 9001 International Standard.

In 2012, HELZ conducted a comprehensive analysis of its production processes, as well as of our customers’ opinions and wishes, and as a result every business process was revised and optimized. HELZ began to pay more attention to processes affecting the quality of products and its service support.

In 2013, HELZ PJSC began its progressive stage of development and strengthening of the competitive position in the market based on the consistently high quality of its products and a new system of customer service support.

Nowadays new unique products are being designed, the geography of supply is being widened, and new markets are being developed.

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